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Company Name: Constructora Fenelon C.A LTD

Company Registration Number: 11001218

Taam Asrar research and information institute was established as the founder of modern method of health, based upon proper and scientific method of feeding and restoration of general and physical balance of people, relying on modern diet treatment and feeding treatment of traditional medicine in 1378. This institute has familiarized thousands of its patients with correct rules of feeding and following these rules. Taking advantage of very skillful and experienced experts, this center is proud to provide people with its gained experiences through specific treatment plans. Taking advantage of all useful medical potentials without any bad effects, consisting of modern medicine, traditional medicine, specialized diet-treatment, and exercise, we innovate a special method which is really unique. In brief, this method can be explained as follows: Using only healing properties of foods and without any medicines we can come to such results and treatments which are somehow a miracle not treatment. Having known that every body knows every thing, this center extracts the latest articles through the Internet every night and day to obtain more information and adjust its own knowledge to world today’s knowledge. This center acquires any thing published anywhere in the world concerning obesity and slimness and always intends to respond to their clients in the best possible way. In short, this research center has gathered whatever can be found in dreams and is busy to complete it. This institute has managed to influence thousands of people by its own goals and findings through individual visits or collective classes, and if readers of research articles of this institute are added to this, it can be seen that our results are very positive and promising. It should be mentioned that to be independent in its performance, this institute has already avoided affiliation with any governmental departments and though all its activities are in accordance with country’s rules and regulations, it has not been under supervision of any entity. Taam Asrar team consists of more than 70 people who have PhD, MA, or BA in the fields of medicine and specially nutrition who cooperate with us and advance humanitarian goals of Taam Asrar research institute as an honorary.

According to domain of its activities, at present, Taam Asrar Research Institute has some licenses as follows:

  1. License of establishing a feeding and diet-treatment clinic from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education
  2. License of presenting research services from Companies Registration Office under coverage of the Judiciary
  3. License of establishing ISP to present Internet subscription from Ministry of Post, Telegraph, and Telephone
  4. License of publishing quarterly of Holistic Medicine from Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance

Statute of this institute is as follows:

  1. Research on feeding and diet-treatment;
  2. Research on herbal medicine and traditional medicine;
  3. To present information through the Internet following humanitarian objectives and providing people with health standards;
  4. To conduct researches in direction of its determined objectives;
  5. To educate for the purpose of raising awareness of groups of people targeted by Institute;
  6. Study and research on raising productivity of medicinal plants through the stages of planting, keeping, harvest, packaging, and distribution
  7. To communicate with world research and scientific centers in line with its own topics and aims;
  8. To produce IT and relevant informational equipments in technology of the Internet
  9. To provide treatment services face to face or through the Internet, using the method of modern diet-treatment and feeding-treatment of traditional medicine.

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Address: Berkeley Square House, Berkeley  Square, Greater London, United Kingdom

Post Code: W1J 6BD

Tel: +44 (0)20 70783956

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