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Special Diets based on Temperament

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It may be said that temperament is the most important part of understanding traditional medicine. For more information on this issue, please refer to the introduction below:

The difference between people always attracts our attention. Some babies get yellowing and do not get some. Some kids eat well and some do not. Some are lean and somewhat coarse. Some people eat obese without food, and some do not get obese twice as much as eating, some brave and some cowardly. Some people get angry soon Proud of being very patient and calm Some of the generous and promising promises for a rial of accounts and books have some of the power of a high memory and the group is constantly forgetting the material. One has a light sleep and one heavy sleep. One is sharp and energetic, and the other is slow and low energy. There are people who get angry quickly without appetite, and some in this case do not get what they eat, some will get into trouble as soon as they eat a cucumber, and some can get half a kilo of cucumber without discomfort. One gets itchy when eating a bit of cinnamon, and the other does not find any foods that are full of spice and a problem. Some people are eating a date boil. Another meal may eat a date plate and there is no boiling number on their faces. Some people With a little bit of weakness or anxiety, Bella Faa lowers weight, and some are right over and over again with these states of overweight, some dry skin and some skin wet and tender, some regularly trouble your surroundings and make minor issues. Think, but some people easily pass through minor issues. The need to know the secret of these differences and how to cope with them is a proper understanding of the science of theology. The humans believed that man, animal, plant, etc. were all formed from the elements of the element or the main pillar, that is, everything from The impact of these four pillars on the creation of a new quality is created. These four pillars are:

Fire: The nature of the fire is hot and hot. There is no controversy in the warmth of fire. To understand its dryness, it's enough to notice how the impact of the fire on moisture is? You dry when you heat a wet body. The sun dries the ground when it falls to the ground. So they say that the fire is hot and hot.

Air: The nature of the air is warmer and hotter. This air contains vapors and gases. For example, when you heat water, the steam vapor is more energy than the water itself, because we need to use energy to convert it to steam. It is warmer than water.

Water: The nature of water is cooler. The humidity and humidity are clear and the above explanation shows that water is colder than air.

Soil: The nature of the soil is cold and dry. To convert iron ore into a liquid, we must melt it overheating, which means that the soil is cooler and harder than the water. When we heat and dry this soil, it becomes warmer and more fluid, ie liquid.

Generally, every bowl has a name (bile, tail, swell, soda) and a property (hot and hot, hotter chest, cooler and more, chilled water) and an element (fire, air, water, soil).
Relationship and Consolidation and Metabolism

Now, consider that you are aware of the science of nutrition and the modern dietary regimen and metabolism, and you know the temperaments, then you can use the psychological knowledge to some extent to know the physical (individual or component) personality as well as the food. By creating a co-ordinate between food and food, and computing more concentrated metabolism, giving a specific amount of food, to a specific amount at a specific time and for a specific purpose to a particular patient, then you will see the treatment regimen at the same time of great complexity. Will be the result. And that's the compilation we've created. In this way, we see the body as the whole being, in order to obtain a relative equilibrium, is a function of many factors that we, with more knowledge of these factors, direct the body without pressure to the direction we want.
What will be the result of the work

The result of the work is, first and foremost, health - secondarily, the main purpose of the diet (obesity, slimming and ...) and, thirdly, the general balance of the body

And achieving these goals in our treatment regimen is incomparable to conventional calorie-based methods, and we have been and have been doing this for many years and have been around for all angles. We have prominent physiologists in our country who are better than us, as well as well-known nutritionists who are better than us and who have the role of a teacher who we respect to all of them, but we are therefore better off to combine these two sciences with We have gathered together and created an interesting compilation of them. We have been able to translate this tradition into the traditional way of traditional medicine, and translate it into the daily life of the people of Iran and the world according to Race and place of living and their status.

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