With treatment diets of SibDiet Clinic

With over 500 different forms of diet for a variety of diseases and special conditions that may be faced

Diet Treatment

By temperament and metabolism

A new method based on food treatment in traditional medicine with combination of modern nutrition and traditional medicine

New Experience

With Consolidated Diets of SibDiet Clinic

Without being isolated from the family and without worrying about extra costs or having stress about taking part in friendly parties just by correcting family nutrition

Leader in offering innovative solutions to nutritional

Nearly two decades of experience and research have distinguished us from others and we are now engaged in providing services to our second generation !!!!

Specializing in health food based on natured

The first and only center that with its combination of modern nutrition and food treatment in traditional medicine ,has offered a new approach and expertise.

A leading provider of online diets

Since many years ago we have always been leading in this way and have constantly designed and implemented new solutions in diet treatment.

Responsible for patients and visitors

Our sense of responsibility has been proved by advanced communication systems and robotic support.

Some of our diets

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Address: Unit 2, No. 2, Corner of St. Hazrat Abolfazl (AS), Marzdaran Blvd, Ashrafi Esfahani Blvd, Tehran, Iran

Phone: (+98) (21) 4425 4747 - 50