Services Guide

How to apply diet online:

Sign in to the page and apply all the steps to the end. This will take about twenty minutes, and given that your diet is set on the basis of the information given, you should give the accuracy of the information you enter.

Diet Support Services:

It's natural that you get a lot of questions in your mind or when you are having unpredictable problems during your diet. To do this, you can use our online chat support.

Cancellation of the diet:

If you have deposited your money to our account, if your diet has not been issued, if you contact the clinic, the amount will be refunded and note if the regime is issued (which is visible from your profile page), there is no possibility to cancel the request and the transfer amount is not refundable.

The cost of the diet:

The cost and amount listed on the site include all the costs involved, such as the cost of the visit and the cost of the courier, and there is no need to pay an additional fee.

Contact Info

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Tel: +44 (0)20 70783956

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SibDiet Limited Branch,
UK (London) Company Registration Number: 11618442

Each diet order cost €15
Currently, we accept payments in the following currencies through WorldPay Payment Gateway:

Refund Policy: Since the diet programme become available instantly after you make the payment, the payments are non-refundable.